On Sun, February 4, 2018 7:16 am, ThierryIT wrote:

> I have check it, but when doing a "dnf list installed "qubes-*" on my
> sys-usb, I can see that qubes-usb-proxy is installed:
> qubes-usb-proxy.noarch 1.0.12-1.fc26 @qubes-vm-r3.2-current .... Shouldn't
> be: 4.0 current instead ?

Yes, should be 4.0. Did you see the recommendation in
https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/upgrade-to-r4.0/ to not restore your R3.2
templates to R4.0? Sounds like that might be what happened. Make sure all
your AppVMs are using an R4.0 template.

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