On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 11:21:45 PM UTC+1, Dave C wrote:
> On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 1:56:14 PM UTC-8, Yuraeitha wrote:
> [ ... snip ... ]
> > It might be a good idea to put this on github, chances are that they might 
> > fix it soon if the problem is general issue for all USB tethering's, which 
> > could affect many people, thus possibly given higher priority in the 
> > limited resources available. They can also better keep track of the issue 
> > on github. Try report it on github if possible.
> I'll try to reproduce when time permits, and write this up better in a github 
> issue.
> > 
> > btw, just to be sure, are you using it in this order? 
> > sys-net --> sys-usb --> sys-firewall, and tying your Qubes-Global-Settings 
> > for NetVM updates to sys-usb?
> No, I'm switching between
> 1. sys-net --> sys-firewall --> appvms  (the out of the box default)
> 2. sys-usb --> sys-firewall --> appvms  (sys-net disconnected)
> And the behavior I see is...
> setting #1, `dnf install ...` *succeeds* in appvms, *succeeds* in templates
> setting #2, `dnf install ...` *succeeds* in appvms, *fails* in templates
> The way the templates fail has switched from the error in my first post, to 
> the error in my later post.

ahh I see. I haven't done much alteration from the original sys-net --> 
sys-firewall my self, but in my experience the moment they are pulled apart 
without getting all the  required sub-settings changed too, bad things tend to 
happen. If you haven't tried this approach down below yet, try see if it works. 
If not, a different approach is needed, though I can't see why the below should 
not work, adding sys-usb only complicate things a whole lot more than it needs 

Using the information you provided: "But again, if I configure sys-firewall to 
use sys-net, and use wifi instead of usb tether, `dnf install ...` succeeds."

Try go back to the original sys-net --> sys-firewall --> appvm's scheme, the 
one you reported working too. like you did before, change back UpdateVM for 
updates in global settings to sys-firewall. Make sure to re-attach your 
Wireless device, or ethernet device, if they were removed in the device list on 
sys-net, but in addition to that, also add your USB controller alongside it. In 
this suggestion avoid sys-usb entirely, make sure it's not tied with the above 
approach in any way.

If as you said that your updates work with Wireless or Ethernet, but not with 
the USB tethering (using the above layout), and USB works normally in sys-net 
otherwise, then you may have narrowed down the possible area the issue can 
exist. That is, if both Wireless/Ethernet/USB-for-other-things works in 
sys-net, but your USB internet tethering does not work, then it may much more 
specific related to the USB tethering drivers or USB tethering settings. If it 
works with this approach, then all good. But if it does not work, yet for 
example USB-storage devices or other USB devices can be seen and work in 
sys-net, then you may be closer to finding the actual reason why it won't work.

Further, it's also that your USB controller is pci-reset sensitive, which means 
it cannot reset the cards memory on request, unless it's been shut down. You 
may want to either add the reset flag to your USB device, either via termianl 
or via the VM-settings UI, or alternatively, restart Qubes altogether. If you 
do that, then you can test whether pci-reset is part of the problem or not. For 
example, once you do the setup suggested in this post, and you added your USB 
controller to sys-net. Once there, try restart your Qubes OS before testing, to 
be sure pci reset is not causing trouble, and then try see if it works or not.

(You're not using USB keyboard/mouse right? If you have no alternative 
input-type for keyboard/mouse, then moving the USB controller to another VM 
like done above might be dangerous if not taking precautions).

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