I also just noticed that the feature seems to exist in the 4.0 GUI.
Maybe I'll test that as well...

I just tested it in 4.0 and that's affected by the bug as well... I managed to re-produce it 2/2 times with 2m and proxy and sys-net as netvm.

What is interesting:
qvm-firewall in dom0 lists a change (i.e. removes the "allow all" rule) after the timer runs out and even in the qubes-vm-settings GUI the checkbox is unchecked again, but the VM still has full Internet access... So whatever timer is there triggers, but the follow-up actions seem to be inappropriate.

Btw in 4.0 "no access" seems to mean that DNS and ICMP is still allowed which seems somewhat weird, but at least it's mentioned in the GUI. So "no access" != "no network access" in 4.0.

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