This is not directed toward anyone that has posted as I think all have in some 
fashion; be it coding or updating docs something, support.  I know Tom, Awokd 
and Unman have.

To me the only ones I feel have a right to comment on this specific topics are 
people that have at least contributed to the project.   I am not saying I am 
correct but after 25 yrs of open source I have found there way to large a 
percentage of people wanting to be spoon fed and want and want and want.  
Entitlement mentality  without offering anything constructive to the group 
collective projects.    

IMO that is the largest issue Qubes struggles with as an opensource project.  
As do many projects.  It seems plenty of people want this or that even demand 
it but rarely are any of them willing or even capable of contributing.  Of 
course all projects needed basic users but this project really really needs 
more devs.

People complain about doc being outdated......then fix them.  If a person is 
capable of loading Qubes OS they sure as hell are capable of creating or 
updating some Markdown pages even if it more cumbersome than a typical document 
format.  A 3rd grader could do it.

With all the users commenting in the qubes-user list there is zero reason Docs 
should ever be outdated for more than a week or two in any area. I have redone 
and created a number of doc pages and a VERY minor amount of updating a couple 
script and conf files. (not much of a coder)  But there is no reason there are 
not 20-30 people that over time should be keeping these docs up to date.

Tom has built a Qubes Controller (manager) based on the 4.0 code and went so 
far as to add in library package so other coding can be used to build.  He has 
been super open to adding functions based on comments.   If another person or 
two could help him with coding now that its not needed to just be python it 
could become the defacto Qubes GUI to manage the qubes system.  That would take 
it off the plate of the core system devs.  i plan to use his controller and if 
the QM does not work well I will stay with his controller.

You have to consider the finances of the core qube dev that are paid. This was 
a huge project moving Qubes forward.  Consider Qubes 1 and how rough it was.  
Look at where we are at now.  Its a long ways.  3.2 was 3 full major revisions 
and many sub revisions of the same basic code where 4.0 is very different 
compared to the other progressive steps of this Os before.  3.1 and finally 3.2 
was getting very polished and it can be a bit of a shock when you have to take 
a step back in polish with such a over all change.  Its going to take time but 
the bugs will be fixed and things will be polished.  

I am not a coder so I will make not comments about python use etc other than it 
seems the reasons were memory-safety vs other.  I tend to wonder if KDE issue 
seen are because they moved officially to XFCE.  I think this may have been 
because of prefer of dev as users and also the low resources of devs to code.  
But as I said I do not have the knowledge to really speak on the topic beyond 
what I have seen.

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