On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 11:20:16 PM UTC+1, lemond...@gmail.com wrote:
> Without support for hardware acceleration of virtual machines, plus needing 
> specific hardware compatible with Qubes OS, what kinds of work do you get 
> done if Qubes is your main OS on primary PC?
> I want to run Davinci Resolve, which is a video editor that runs on Linux, 
> but it takes advantage of the discrete GPU, and it seems Qubes does not 
> support hardware acceleration nor virtual machines.
> So, I'm curious, for those who use Qubes, what actual work do you get done?
> I've also tried playing youtube videos but found audio out of sync and I 
> could not resize or maximize the playback window.
> I may have tried the second to latest version released so maybe things have 
> changed or will change in 4.x?
> Not being able to run VMs, Davinci Resolve, or youtube are making me have to 
> look at other options like OS X, Windows 10, and Linux.
> I was leaning towards OS X but enabling case sensitivity for the file system 
> can break certain apps like those from Adobe, or cause other problems.. And I 
> prefer linux/unix like command-lines to DOS, so kind of leaning away from 
> Windows 10.
> That leaves Linux distros like Debian, Mint, e bv  But I'm wondering how 
> secure it will be compared to Qubes?

oh, I also installed Qubes on a small PC tied to a friends TV. It's waaaaaaay 
more secure than any Smart-TV you could ever buy.. :') I added some stuff like 
USB-Remote, and I'm planning to add a wireless numpad to execute pre-programmed 
commands such as automating alt+space+f for full-screen, switch sound and 
screen for multiple of TV screens, and stuff like this. Planning to add a 
hardware key, maybe a Yubi-key, so that whenever leaving the TV/desktop 
crossover system, is esentially locked-out from tampering. It's straight 
forward stuff, it doesn't take much to set up. Qubes isn't meant to be used as 
a Smart-TV, but it actually works quite well. If you're tired of insecure 
SmartTV's, then this should be a nice add too.

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