On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 8:58:17 PM UTC+1, donoban wrote:
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> On 02/12/2018 06:39 PM, Demi Obenour wrote:
> > What websites and ports do I need to whitelist if I want to enable
> > use Thunderbird with GMail and Google Calendar?  I am using the
> > Google Calendar add-on.
> Since Google uses a lot of different ip's it's pretty hard to maintain
> an ip based firewall for access their services. You can try with ping
> and digg commands for get some ip's of their domains but them will
> likely change in few time.
> I think that you can achieve it using http filtering [1] but I've
> never tried.
> [1] https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/config/http-filtering-proxy/
> CKUQLg//QCWyf/Tf28luozYNWaZ5xY1IqpdWL4y4l5x/1jw9y5CCNPXyhPsu911F
> zxbvLR4r18007tmNtJdCCF7LmH3vCU+FwQb54e10kObTz0QyhZ7AQd22RTa6TgF1
> FM9N7dQdaT4OxtmbTvy1wLEwllSvqDGg0n/Iqbj7QNw5x9M7X0Y/A/WlMBFZzY1E
> 3BagXL398m7Ha1ZKiOKRX2xI0odrvCUmknChssJQsRnlaFsFsAUFooCdPeeucEQl
> /NZuM3XhV/K5yNZZSuMTDo8AD2E4cWicG0EHKGHaGWls0c4GjQzTEOA7Wt+Y9zrl
> XnQCTWgPvo9va2AM4H+YX4phtp8XR5eh0wXJ5dEdFToa+FCAteVzpMSaxM208xvs
> fb/mjOvqWf7ubxCRdpCgEHxlSINri2FhopMi3i+h/0KG7/pzhdQlQsSNsPKVxhMZ
> ebvIv04VCNPso5BnIVykz5p1AhQvB10KT+ITiTpKKOFhS+P57A35kptlGCC0ztOV
> 7cdAz/3Sp3YfDOcyBuqLsl33KQfpnjgeaTAnHx5v6ND5M2bTzSx7IT//EmWjRbzm
> jckEuecHP2kh1g3D2AWu/c2AW82PWcHEg1Qj6RgqmsZtgovpx96w4zLGKeRS0C40
> flTk5zNTpXlZ+ZZxp44MY3kkweUy3CUgjqPIOOg7Fo48buisJC4=
> =C5BZ

Isn't it possible to use DNS on those multiple of IP's from google? or are they 
changing DNS's too like they change IP's? That would be such a headache if they 
do though... Also, DNS can be stolen through hacking DNS services (but not 
spoofed right?), so I guess it may be a security risk not to use IP's over DNS? 
But Google should have some pretty tight security on their DNS's? Like not just 
a password, but second factor authentication etc. too. I'm merely thinking out 
aloud here, any chance anyone can put this straight with facts? As such, it 
might help the OP if a DNS approach works.

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