On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 2:10:09 AM UTC+1, Tim W wrote:
> On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 1:06:06 PM UTC-5, David L. Craig wrote:
> > https://thehackernews.com/2018/02/airgap-computer-hacking.html
> > 
> > Dang!  Be certain your vaults cannot be compromised.
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> that is a lab only hack and makes some big assumptions to be successful.  
> Secondly, they are careful to only say faraday cage not official SCIF yet 
> tries to insinuate this. The pic diagram on the left is not even close to how 
> a SCIF or even basic faraday cage would be built.  Its not a Faraday cage is 
> one side is some standard office wall. A SCIF is a complete enclosure on all 
> sides including top and bottom.  Official SCIFs are Tempest certified 
> enclosure which is far more than a basic faraday cage. SCIFs and TIPS are 
> GSA/NSA grade 5 spec'd and also deal with heat transmissions.  
> Second the hack requires not only having access to the area around the 
> enclosure but to the computer itself and further that it allows for 
> successful upload the initial transmission side of the hack which has to be 
> done physically thru conventional means. Then a receiver has to be in some 
> close proximity to the SCIF enclosure/building to pickup these extremely weak 
> transmissions which a real TIPS SCIF to current spec would defeat.   
> I don't know how many people have seen or used top grade TIPS/SCIF, but this 
> is not going to happen without it evolving a high level conspiracy.  No 
> leaving a bunch of flash drives in the parking lot is going to work.

Heck, at this point we're looking to soon be needing tinfoil hats to farady our 
very own brains. Putting chips inside the brain won't even be enough. In a few 
years we may have to take notes from Magneto to shield our brains.

Joke a side, this kind of hacks might become more commonplace one day. This 
kind of hacking has been going on for at least some years now, and some are 
pretty advanced. For people with a high profile attack value, taking measures 
against these earlier on than other people may indeed be advized, although 
still within reason, though of course when having a high profile attack value, 
paranoia may be more useful than otherwise.

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