qvm-features fedora-26-minimal qubes-firewall 1

out of curiosity I tried to find where/when this feature is set for the
default fedora-26 template: there's a comment in qubes/ext/
that says '[this feature] can be freely enabled or disabled by template' but
I don't understand what it's supposed to mean - whether the template
automatically sets it somehow (but then how ?) or if it can be set for each
template. It's probably the latter; in that case maybe the feature is set by
the template's rpm postscripts (but then I couldn't find any mention of
"qvm-features" in the qubes-builder-fedora repo).

See here:

In short: there is qubes.PostInstall service called just after template
installation, to let template advertise supported features. I think it
should be also called automatically after installing new packages (or
even updating existing), because that can influence supported features -
like in this case.

Ah, everything makes sense now...

You can try triggering it manually. From the template call


Yep, it works.

for other people reading this thread, this amounts to:

qvm-features-request qubes-firewall=1
qvm-features-request --commit

Issue for tracking this problem:

thanks !

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