I've been using Qubes for about a year. It took me a few weeks to get 
everything just right, I did a TON if tiny customizations for the sake of 
opsec. Even tho I have a Surface Pro, I use my Qubes laptop 99.999% of the 
time. I specifically bought an Acer laptop that was totally compatible and put 
32GBs of RAM in it. 

I use it for all kinds of things, personal use like forums, darnet, etc. I also 
have a Kali HVM that connects straight to the wifi device only bypassing 
sys-net. I run only dom0 and my Kali HVM when in use. Even tho I have template 
VMs, my run VMs have allot of customizations to I did not want to include in 
the template. I've gotten in the habit of running duplicates and burning them 
after a couple uses then making another and so on. 

When 4 final is released and there is a pack for full support of a Windows 
10/Server 2016 HVM, I'mm for sure be doing that as well. I do have a Windows 7 
HVM now for the VERY few apps that there are not Linux variants of, but I only 
need that like 1% of the time. 

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