I have a strange situation where my sys-net's software template "fedora-26-net" (variant of fedora-minimal) does not appear to be providing updated OS images. My sys-net is the only vm using this specific image.

I have a necessary network service installed in the template "fedora-26-net" /opt/service-name directory, installed from an rpm, which was working perfectly until I was forced to recover from backup. I have been trying to get it working as it once was to no avail. Every time I boot up the networking vm's I now get a sys-net without my required /opt/service-name directory installed. The template has it, and sys-net uses that template, but sys-net never seems to get a new copy of it.

The /opt/service-name directory in sys-net is not even there, and one sub-directory that is not even in that template anymore *is* there, and it even starts up that service which I do not want running in sys-net.

Each time I want to connect to the corporate network I now have to kill one service, reinstall that required service directly in sys-net COW, just to temporarily create that required service so I can connect. That modification of course goes away just as soon as sys-net is shut down, so this gets repeated often.

As another test, I created a brand new user vm (test-fedora-26-net) based on fedora-26-net and opened a terminal there, and one in the template itself. The /opt directories were different. The test-fedora-26-net has a file structure that should never have existed when it was created.

Any idea how to force this rogue and defiant template to pass along a new OS image? Apparently doing a "dnf update" in the template itself isn't enough to kick it into gear and get it to happen. Changing the source template, and changing it back again does not trigger it either. Even creating a new vm gets an old copy!

I think I may need to buy a clue. Is this somehow a qvm-feature related thing? A qubes-rpc not happening? What signaling is supposed to happen that isn't?



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