Summary: fixing LVM corruption, question about LVM locking

My laptop battery went to 0%. The lid was closed but maybe the laptop
was not suspended, which was could have been the cause of an LVM
corruption which I did manage to fix with the help of numerous obscure

I'm posting the fix here since I couldnt find a description of this
exact issue anywhere else. I didn't write down the exact wording of the
errors when they happened, I hope the keywords make it clear enough. I'm
not an LVM expert so please correct any errors.

I also have a question at the end about LVM locking and Qubes which I
hope somebody can answer.

Problem description
- At boot I Enter the luks password
- Errormessages (unsure about order in which they appeared):
        'dracut initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts' > repeated 30 
        'you may have to regenerate initramfs'
        '/dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-root does not exist'
- Computer enters into a dracut shell

Regenerating initramfs did NOT solve the problem. The following did:

- in the dracut shell, start lvm
- Enter command: "vgchange -ay". Response should be 'Volumegroup x
activated' or something similar
- Enter command: 'lvconvert --repair (logical volume name, in my case
- Errormessage: 'cannot repair, lvm locking type = 4 (read only)'.
- Change lvm locking type to 1 in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf
- Retry command lvconvert --repair (logical volume name, in my case
- After the process finishes exit the dracut shell and continue boot

- what is the standard LVM locking type for a Qubes install? (in Fedora
it is 1).
        - if not 1 should I change it back?
        - if 1 what caused it to be changed?
- is powerfailure the probable cause of this issue?

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