On Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 11:15:20 PM UTC-6, tsde...@gmail.com wrote:
> Type - Notebook
> HVM - Yes
> IOMMU - No
> SLAT - Yes
> TPM - Yes, present but untested
> Brand - HP
> Model - ProBook 6565b
> BIOS - Tried 68LTU Ver F.22 and F.64
> CPU - AMD A4-3310MX
> GPU -  AMD Radeon HD 6480G
> Network - Qualcomm Atheros AR9000 Series
> Memory - 8GB
> Qubes 3.2 - No
> Qubes 4.0-rc3 - No
> Qubes 3.2 hangs on initial setup. Reboot causes loss of touchpad 
> functionality.
> Qubes 4.0-rc3 Start failed: internal error: libxenlight failed to create new 
> domain "sys-net"
> Unable to complete qubes-hcl-report due to errors upon initial setup. Tried 
> BIOS updates. Tried manual BIOS config changes using HP BIOS Configuration 
> Utility.
> -Thaddeus Delude

I noticed this hasn't appeared on the HCL list yet. Is there anything left to 
submit or test for this model to be put on the list? I'll be returning this 
model to work soon. I've already had it for a month for testing this project.

I wouldn't recommend using this model if you want it to work out of the box. 
I've tried quite a few other business class models. (five models to be exact) 
This is the only one I've had trouble with that wasn't already listed as having 

I tried everything I could think of with BIOS/EFI to get IOMMU to work, 
including HP's manual CLI BIOS config utility. It appears the CPU should 
support IOMMU but the motherboard does not. 

Qubes 3.2 hangs on initial setup for some reason. It wasn't any of the BIOS 
options. I most of them one at a time. (WiFi Switch, graphics options, 
Virtualization, Directed I/O, disabling devices, etc) I didn't investigate it 
much further than that. I'm guessing it was likely driver issues. It appears 
most people use Intel systems, so maybe it's an issues specific to some AMD 
processor families? The specific GPU in this model is integrated with the CPU. 
Qubes 4.0-rc3 also has errors along with a lack of IOMMU support.

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