pvh. the hvm ones took even longer. looked at a couple systemd-analyze, one of 
them had 10s for dkms and 40 for qubes-update-check, even though that one only 
took 25s to boot, at least according to dom0. could whatever tells dom0 a guest 
is up have run before that?

will play with this more and get back to you.

turns out the qvm-pref debug doesnt matter in boot time. its hvm that takes 
around 40 seconds, and pvh that takes around 25.

a standalone hvm with no os installed took 16 seconds to "start"

this started happening after installing 4.0rc4 over 4.0rc3. had to qvm-prefs 
the restored vms to pvh. at first i thought it was just the performance hit 
from mitigating speculation vulnerabilities, but others were reporting better 
performance in rc4 than rc3.

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