On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 2:43:59 AM UTC+1, Demi Obenour wrote:
> I ran qubes-dom0-upgate with the testing repo enabled, which broke my system. 
>  How do I recover?

How was it broken? Can you reach dom0? or can't you boot at all? 
Any error messages of interest appearing during failure? For example during 
grub, kernel, xen, graphic and x-server errors, virtualisation errors?

Do you have access to the journalctl command?
Can you reach the dom0 system with recovery mode, from your Qubes install media?

Do you remember the nature of the updates you installed? Was there a kernel 
included? Xen perhaps? Something you remember? even a single word might be 
insightful and give a better clue.

You can always manually extract your AppVM's data from a live medium boot, but 
this, is probably a last ditch resort if nothing else works. But for that, we 
need more information to go on, there are literally beyond thousands upon 
thousands of ways a system can break. But a clue, can for example narrow it 
down to 30% of all the ways something broke, and another clue perhaps further 
narrowing down the possible culprit. 

Therefore, information is vital here, more is needed.

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