I just installed updates in dom0 (current-testing) after QSB #38, and
now my qrexec policies are semi-broken.

To demonstrate, I just made two new AppVMs, testvm1 and testvm2. I want
to copy a file from testvm1 to testvm2:

[user@testvm1 ~]$ echo test > test.txt
[user@testvm1 ~]$ qvm-copy test.txt
Request refused
[user@testvm1 ~]$

It immediately fails with "Request refused" and doesn't pop up a dom0
window asking where I want to copy it to. This is true when I run
`qvm-copy` in any VM, it is immediately denied without prompting me.

I'm running into the same problem with other qrexec services too, like:

[user@testvm1 ~]$ qvm-open-in-dvm https://www.eff.org/
Request refused
[user@testvm1 ~]$

My /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.Filecopy has only one line:

$anyvm $anyvm ask

However, if I edit it and add this line to the beginning:

testvm1 testvm2 allow

It works, but only if I use the deprecated `qvm-copy-to-vm`:

[user@testvm1 ~]$ qvm-copy test.txt
Request refused
[user@testvm1 ~]$ qvm-copy-to-vm testvm2 test.txt
qvm-copy-to-vm/qvm-move-to-vm tools are deprecated,
use qvm-copy/qvm-move to avoid typing target qube name twice
sent 0/1 KB
[user@testvm1 ~]$

And likewise, my qubes.Gpg policy works for the VMs where I explicitly
allow it.

I read the QSB, and it says that the '$' character is being deprecated
and replaced with the '@' character, but changing my qrexec policy to
this doesn't work:

@anyvm @anyvm ask

Is anyone else running into this problem? Any solutions?

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