Hi all. I initially thought to save some time and cleared a reply to an existing thread to do a new post, but that did not work. Sorry about the wrong post. Reposting it here now. Thanks for the reply and pointing it out, Yuraeitha.

See my reply + follow-up question at the bottom, below the quoted posts:


My original post, incl. a reply by "Yuraeitha" below..:


"I am considering Qubes 4.x for an ASUS ROG GL552VW-DM141 laptop with NVIDIA graphics and built-in/onboard "fallback" Intel graphics.

In order to get for example Ubuntu Mate installed onto it, to get past the installer incompatibilities with NVidia, it is necessary to edit the boot menu and add "nouveau.modeset=0" to the startup command. Then Ubuntu boots fine.

Can this be done with Qubes 4.x?
How/where to affect such boot commands; can that be done from the boot media/USB stick directly, as we do with other Linux live USB sticks?

Thanks, "



Reply from "Yuraeitha" on Feb. 19th..:

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It's probably best you start a new thread, this thread is about a whole different issue altogether.

But since this is an old thread, I'll briefly answer you.
This what you seek, directing a GPU directly into an AppVM, or any other work arounds, can currently be done in Qubes 3.2. nor Qubes 4.0.

However, it is planned for Qubes 4.1, which may reach release. Just don't get hyped yet, things can change, 4.0. is barely finished and 4.1. is currently only on the drawing board. Look here for quick information about 4.1. https://github.com/rootkovska/qubes-roadmap <https://github.com/rootkovska/qubes-roadmap> you can see the GTX passthrough ability on the map.

Also, you don't really need Ubuntu for these kind of things, it can easily be fixed up in both Debian and Fedora. You can use Intel graphics just fine for 4k videos, you don't need nvidia for stuff like that on modern motherboard/CPU systems. You may need powerful graphic cards for gaming and high end graphics, but this too isn't possible, at least before Qubes 4.1. anyway. If you didn't need these in Qubes 4, then it will likely make no difference to you to use Intel graphics. Also Qubes dom0 frequently has nvidia graphic issues and may require a full properitary driver download/install, with a manual install.

To get a bit back on-topic, it saves you whole lot of hassle if you get adjusted to not be depending too much on Ubuntu and others that give everything on a silverplate. Although DVM protected content is never stable regardless of the Linux distribution, unless you download the Google Chrome browser from Google (Not Chromium), which usually always have working DVM videos in any Linux. Issue being, that Firefox and others, often loose the ability to play the video, especially Microsoft silverlight videos, which the work-arounds frequently break.

Essentially you can play the codecs fine, HTML5 is for example extremely easy to install in Fedora through enabling the RPMFusion repositories, which can easily be done in Qubes fedora template (best make a copy first). But it does not include HTML5-DVM.

Essentially, DVM is so messed up, you ma/y just want to download the Google Browser specifically for these videos, and just be done with the crapware copyright protectors throw at us. It's not like they care about Linux anyway, so why would changing to Ubuntu make any difference? Ubuntu is just as unstable in this regard of protected content due to lack of developer support of protected contents.

However, Fedora+Firefox+RPMFusionRepositories+ffmpeg+Firefox's own DVM = Netflix and all HTML5 videos on youtube, and similar modern websites, works smoothly without issues.

Try not to get too dependent on a system, really it makes little difference if you adjust yourself to it.

Also install Qubes with LegacyBIOS/Grub and press the E key during the Grub menu, then add after or before "quiet" on the module code-line. Or just temporarily disable nvidia in your UEFI, works too, more or less does the same as nouveau.modeset=0."'


The final part of Yuraeitha's answer is relevant for my case as it is about installing Qubes itself, not inside a VM..:

Also install Qubes with LegacyBIOS/Grub and press the E key during the Grub menu, then add after or before "quiet" on the module code-line. Or just temporarily disable nvidia in your UEFI, works too, more or less does the same as nouveau.modeset=0."

So; 1. That (ASUS ROG GL552VW-DM141 laptop) AMI BIOS does not have any function to disable NVIDIA for UEFI (or anything about disabling graphics at all), as far as I can see.

2. I add the modeset to the startup, then get to the actual startup GUI first page, but then cannot proceed. I manage to restart the installer in TEXT mode, which actually lets me install the whole thing. The installer does finish, and I reboot.

After rebooting post-text-install, roughly "5" screenfulls of  startup messages flashes past the screen (with green OK on all but 1 which passes too quickly to see what it is about), and then it stops after 28 messages related to "audit: type=1130" / "audit: type=1131" .

IN CASE i have a USB HP mouse attached , it starts connecting and disconnecting that device "indefinetely".

If I do NOT connect that mouse, it just stops after those ~28 audit messages. The first 3 of those 28 lines states "fails", and most of the rest of them seems to be "success".

(The first 3 are "unit=qubes-memman", "unit=qubesd comm="systemd"" and "unit=qubes-core comm="systemd"". The 25 lines after those first 3 are success/failures all related to systemd (differetnt from, number 3, they read "unit=qubesd comm="systemd")), and they are all of type 1130 or 1131.) It looks like it is the output of a log file, those 28 lines. All happening within the startup of the x.org x.server.

Since the Qubes Grub entry is so different from the other entries, it lacks "quiet splash" etc., I have no idea where or how (or if) to put the "nouveau.modeset=0" into it somewhere. I have tried a couple of variants, but no luck. (I boot several other Linuxes successfully by adding that nouveau Grub argument manually. If I do not, none of them boots.)

Any tips highly appreciated.




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