I'm currently running Qubes 3.2 on a Intel Core i7-920 processor just fine.
Now I wanted to test the new Qubes 4.0-rc4 and ran into some issue. The
installer tells me, there is no vt-d/.../... support available, although it
should be fine. VT-d is enabled in bios and hyper-v or vmware are fully
functional on that machine under Windows.
So I thought it was a false warning and decided to continue the
installation leading to another error message when the configuration tries
to run sys-net.
After Qubes OS was booted, the sys-net etc. were not started automatically,
so I tried to run then manually which ended in the same error message.
libxl-driver.log displays "PCI device cannot be assigned - no IOMMU?"

Since my search for a solution to this problem led nowhere (entries on
mailing lists and google) I wanted to ask here in this mailing list.

I checked the minimum requirements on Qubes 4.0 to make sure the hardware
meets them:

64-bit Intel or AMD processor (x86_64 aka x64 aka AMD64)     --->   YES
(Intel Core i7-920)
Intel VT-x with EPT or AMD-V with RVI     --->    YES (ark.intel.com
lists "VT-x
with EPT")
Intel VT-d or AMD-Vi     --->    YES (VT-d is enabled in BIOS)
4 GB RAM     --->    YES (16 GB RAM available)
32 GB disk space     --->    YES (256GB USB 3.0 Stick for testing)

Also something weird to mention: After some reboots (while trying to fix
the issue) the sys-net and sys-firewall were automatically started
(displaying 2 console windows, showing the boot of these VMs, which is not
the case in Qubes 3.2).
This happened only once and I could not reproduce this anymore. So now I'm
stuck with the "no IOMMU?" error in libxl-driver.log.

Any idea what the problem is and how it can be solved?

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