a topic I had in the Coreboot Mailing list about fixibg resume in Qubes ... 
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Me >> If I close the lid, the laptop shuts off.

> I do have the very same problem,if you find a
> solution, id be glad if you give me a hint .

I think I came up with an idea how to work arround this problem:

I found out that I can put the laptop to sleep when choosing "shutdown" from 
the top right Qubes button with your username on it (where you normally 
shutdown Qubes).

The laptop will switch to resume to RAM and you can then close the laptop lid.
if you open the laptop again you need to login but run into a problem with all 
AppVMs that had PCI Controllers attached, which will also affect your 

What you need to do is to kill those AppVMs (mainly sys-net and sys-usb) and 
restart them again.
After the restart if sys-net your AppVMs can't through the sys-net VM.

A workarround is to reconnect your firewall-VMs to sys-net by setting the netvm 
to none (= "" in Qubes 4) and then setting it back to the sys-net VM.
This will bring back networking. As such my workarround is:

1) use "Suspend" from the upper right Qubes menu

2) close Laptop lid after resume

3) open lid and login

4) run the following script in dom0 to kill sys-net/sys-usb and reconnect the 
proxy VMs:

# qvm-resume
# kills and reconnect sys-net/sys-usb
# to fix networking after resume
qvm-kill --force sys-net sys-usb
qvm-start sys-net sys-usb
# for Qubes 4rc4, Qubes 3.2 uses another
# Syntax with qvm-prefs to disable the NetVm
qvm-prefs --set sys-firewall netvm ""
qvm-prefs --set sys-firewall netvm sys-net

Can you try if this will also work in your case?

If this is working the only thing we need to do, is to setup resume when 
closing the lid and then the run the "qvm-resume" script after wake up or login 

what do you think?


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