On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 7:07:17 AM UTC+1, Tim W wrote:
> On Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 3:30:52 AM UTC-5, jer...@disroot.org wrote:
> > where do i find support for security, privacy? (some place where i can post 
> > with anonimity too, reddit privacy requires java script i think, doesn't it 
> > compromise anonimity? also i would like to ask how things are recommended 
> > in doing, like a guide, etc...
> > 
> > for example i need to know if enabling java script to watch youtube in tor 
> > will compromise anonimity or anything like that, or enabling java script in 
> > other websites, if it's a risk.. and how i should tell where i can enable 
> > java script, etc.. also if it's recommended to buy stuff through tor, and 
> > how, etc and what its benefits, etc...
> Javascript itself will not reveal your IP over Tor ie break tor.  But 
> javascriptt has always had security issues that could be used to run code 
> that could itself reveal ip etc.  This is more an issue with emails and small 
> or spoofed sites etc not a large offical site like youtube.  
> Honestly I do not understand people using gmail etc if privacy is critical.  
> Even using pgp for all text etc so much can be learned from your habits email 
> accounts contacted time of use etc...  Its sad they own so much of the 
> Internet data and portal activity these days such as youtube.  I wish this 
> list was not hosted but its so hard to avoid the carrot when its a opensource 
> project. 
> Use tor to setup a protonmail etc if you need a webmail account.

While I in general agree, some e-mails are created specifically for a specific 
purpose. People who use gmail on these websites for example, may not 
specifically use that e-mail for anything else. Since we're already posting on 
gmail mailing lists, it shouldn't make any difference anyway, google will know 
irregardless of which mail is used here. Though perhaps there is a legal 
difference, maybe? But as long it isn't used outside google systems, then 
having a gmail here shouldn't make much difference. Unless I overlooked 
something? legal element maybe?

It won't be long before A.I. can just scan and analyze the way how people write 
to profile people and identify them. It's essentially the same tech as 
face-recognition software, which many laughed off just a few years back, but 
today is very real. So too is happening to A.I.'s that can identify people by 
how they write. Google is likely no exception here, and irregardless of which 
mail you use, they would probably be able to identify you one way or another if 
you only once slip up and publicize your writing style. It's like a 
fingerprint. The future is scary.

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