I know that this might be slightly Offtopic, but I am sure that I am not the 
only one working with davmail.

Who else is using Davmail to connect Exchange to their favorite Linux Outlook 
And are you able to delete an appointment from Evolution or maybe khal?

I am trying to replace OWA (Outlook Web Access) with native Linux apps.

I got Email, Contacts and Calendar entries synced from our corporate Exchange 
server to my "mail qube" using offlineimap and vdirsyncer.

There is only one annoying last topic:
I can't delete calendar entries, I can create them, sync them and if calendar 
entries get deleted on my phone or my exchange server they will also disappear 
from Evolution/Thunderbird/khal.
But under all three apps I have problems deleting an calendar entry, as such I 
think it might be a Davmail issue, but I am unsure.

Just for the info about my setup:

Caldav connects to our corporate Exchange Server and provides local 
imap/SMTP/caldav/carddav interface to the AppVM.

Currently I am still using various apps to finds what works best for me

Connects to Davmail
Email and Contacts are working
Calendar entries can be created, synced, viewed but not deleted

Connects to Davmail
Email and Contacts are working
Calendar entries can be created and synced, but not viewed and not deleted

Connects to maildirs, which are downloaded via offlineimap, which connects to 
Email is working

ikhal / khal
Connects via vdirsyncer to Davmail.
Calendar entries can be viewed and created but not deleted

via vdirsyncer to Davmail
Contacts can be created, changed, synced and viewed

The only missing part in all calendar apps:
Deletion is not possible and results in an error message of Davmail.


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As my company is using Microsoft Exchange without enabling remote access per 
IMAP I had to work with the Outlook Web Access (OWA) Interface.
But this is only a workarround as I can't access offline emails etc.

I found a solution which provides an Gateway between exchange and your favorite 
Linux apps for mail/calendar: Davmail.

I got email and also calendar running and wrote a "quick'n dirty" how-to which 
I would like to see improved.


Currently it covers only mailpart (reading Exchange emails with Thunderbird 
and/or neomutt).
Reading my exchange mails with neomutt is fun.
Of course it will also work with Evolution.

Regarding calendar entries which is also very important as all my colleagues 
are using Exchange:

I was able to sync evolution with the exchange calendar. I can create new 
entries in evolution which are synced back to the exchange calendar. Great!
But I can't delete calendar entries from evolution. If I delete an calendar 
entry on my phone or my corporate Outlook it will also be removed in the 

In Thunderbirds Lightning I was able also able to sync my Exchange calendar, 
but as soon as I open a calendar entry I get an error message.

Thereof I have to troubleshoot this, having email AND calendar (connected to 
Microsoft Exchange) working natively in Qubes would be a major Improvement to 

This quick'n dirty how-to is a good example why your idea sharing scripts and 
howtos is great.
It is far away from being a qualified how-to, still it might be of use for 
someone who is trying to connect to their exchange server from within Qubes.

Thereof I have created a new document on the qubes-docs, so that other can see 

Still, I think a newbie user will not find this, as they will look in the Qubes 
docs pages on the Qubes website and not within GitHub.
At least I wasn't doing it since a few weeks ago...


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