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Date: 7 March 2018 at 01:15
Subject: Re: [qubes-users] For community by community - A way to
preserve/focus everyones work going into Qubes, bottom-up
To: Alex Dubois <>


On 03/06 11:37, Alex Dubois wrote:

> [...]
> A new project is create (by Andrew?) called Qubes-community
> I think 2 is better
> - as we may have as repo a fork of Qubes-doc, but we could have
Qubes-community templates, scripts, ...
> - as it protects Qubes’s main project and operations
> [...]

I agree, but would call it the "qubes-community-doc" and I also like the
idea which was also mentioned by someone else, that we start with a simple
empty repository.
Thereof the risk is lower that someone doesn't know where to publish
the qubes-doc should be seen as the production area documentation while
qubes-community-doc is something like a preproduction/staging area.

Can you setup the repository from your account?
As mentioned I think it makes sense if you "own" the main repository.


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