On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 12:17:09 PM UTC+1, awokd wrote:
> On Wed, March 7, 2018 11:06 am, Yuraeitha wrote:
> > Let me know if I misunderstood you. I'm still grasping the proper
> > terminology, as well the limits and possibilities of Github, so it might
> > be easy to misunderstand.
> Github is easy for me to misunderstand too. :)
> You had 2 community repos in addition to the official Qubes repo. I'm
> suggesting only 1 community repo with the following settings, and not
> touching the official repo at all. I don't know how to address migrating
> content, so I'm not sure it's a possibility.
> >> - one Github site
> >> - only a single owner permitted
> >> - Wiki with editing permitted to any logged in Github user (your
> >> scratch/development area)
> >> - collaborators by individual Github name
> >> appear to have push/write access to full repo
> >> - Code section could
> >> contain the more formal contents, would have to be a collaborator to
> >> contribute directly or approve submissions
> >> - unclear on how documents
> >> would migrate from here to qubes-doc unless as a copy/paste, but that
> >> would lose attribution and I imagine most would like their own name on
> >> their commit!
> >>

We gotta conquer GitHub! :)

So the suggestion is having all the volunteer stuff on a separate repository, 
but the two sub-set volunteer categories to be separated within that 
repository? Making it more cut and clean etc.?

I believe it should be easy to move between repositories on a local drive, but 
I only experimented with this for a short time the other week, so I'm not 100% 
sure on how it works yet. But essentially we can download all GitHub content to 
our drives, perform changes, and then commit it back up to GitHub again.

I believe this can be done even to GitHub repositories one has no authority 
over, but it'll instead be a, pull request? On the other hand, if one has the 
authority, then it'll immediately change the GitHub content. We can login via 
the terminal too, and keep our GPG keys on a SplitGPG AppVM.

So by having two different repositories on our local drives, it should be as 
simple as copy/paste the whole folder/file structure, or individual 
files/folders, from one repository to another repository?

Maybe this can be done online too on GitHub? But it seems we can do more if 
it's taken down to the drive, another example is changing the Home wiki page, 
which is more flexible if done on the local drive. I think maybe moving between 
the repositories, might be one of those better done on a local machine too?

I'll have to get back to that experimentation sometime soon. Maybe someone else 
can confirm if that is how it works in-between then though?

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