Well the day a proper secure, user owned laptop hardware, which is something 
not looking like it came from the last decade, has proper thunderbolt and 
similar tech only available on modern laptops (which I need, in all 
seriousness), I'll immediately buy and never look back.

Seriously all these scumbag laptop companies out there.... the moment a proper 
company comes out and offers proper user controlled laptops which also provides 
a variation of specs and types of laptops, it's byebye to these manipulative 
scumbag companies.

While many people don't care at all, the amount of people getting fed up with 
these companies are mounting and increasing as well. It's dangerous if they 
keep making people unhappy, and it'll only get worse as technology becomes 
increasingly closer to our brains, and at some point even integrated into our 
brain, which will undoubtedly happen, and maybe even (probably likely) become 

So who wants a proprietary, backdoored, error-prone, computer in their brain in 
contrast to open source, open hardware, which can be trusted? Even before all 
this, some people who didn't care before, are starting to care now when 
technology is increasingly getting closer to their lives. Like The Amazon Echo, 
which is always listening to its environment, and now it's happening to TV's 
and many other gadgets as well. Eventually even toasters can spy on us.

It'll probably only be a question of time before people smack down on large 
corporations demanding major change. The question is probably more "when" it'll 
happen. At which point is enough enough?

Seemingly it also has a cultural effect, like the Chinese people are 
essentially just rolling over allowing their iron tight government to use new 
technology to become never before seen scary Big Brother v.2. 

But the western world probably won't let it go that far. There are many 
ignorant people, but at some point, the film will have to crack. We're building 
a dys-topian society here, and more and more people are starting to realize 
just that.

Heck we might even see an Elon Musk in open hardware one day, if the problem 
keeps growing. But right now, laptop hardware choices are rather moot and quite 
frankly, impossible to find something that serves all primary needs (not even 
getting to the secondary needs).

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