On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 8:11:25 PM UTC+1, Tim W wrote:
> Compare this to say protonmail its not even remotely close.  As both can be 
> had for free and without all the need for referrals as its 
> targeted toward liberal/social/anticapital political change groups not sure 
> the point?  Elitism?

The problem with Protonmail is, that there is no IMAP support and therof it 
seems impossible to store data offline.

There seems to be a workarround with the Protonmail Bridge but it will only 
work for Windows & Mac.

[...] The Bridge release for Linux, which will include a command-line interface 
version, is scheduled for early 2018. [...]

Thereof the best option might be to use email-encryption.


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