I am trying to install on an ASUS ZenBook UV501 (Skylake, HD530, NV960M, NVME SSD). The installer kernel OOPSes because it loads the nouveau driver module, and gets confused by the bumblebee/optimus hardware arrangement.

I have installed Debian 9.3 on this machine, and it works if I blacklist the nouveau module during boot. (I.e. the i915 module needs to load first.) But I don't see any way to control the boot line during installation. ("E" only shows me a chainloader command line.)

Also, when choosing where to install, the installer seems to offer only the whole disk, but I have partitions already in place, currently formatted for swap and ext4, that I would like for the installer to overwrite. How do I tell the Qubes installer to use those?

Might the 4.0 beta installer deal better with these details?


Nathan Myers

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