On 03/08/2018 06:59 AM, Yuraeitha wrote:
> On Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 3:15:13 AM UTC+1, Andrew David Wong wrote:
> On 2018-03-07 08:48, Yuraeitha wrote:
>>>> It might be a good idea to have some finished thoughts /
>>>> discussions ready for Andrew, it'd be inhuman to expect him to read
>>>> everything (it's a lot to read).
> Thanks. I appreciate that. :)
>>>> it might be best to start where the least work is needed from the 
>>>> Qubes staff.
> Yeah. Ideally, we'd like to keep the official qubes-doc PR system the
> way it currently is and have the new system be completely autonomous
> and community-run without any involvement from the Qubes staff. By way
> of analogy, think of the official system as a command-line tool and
> the community system as a user-friendly GUI frontend for that tool.
> People who either don't know how or don't want to use the command-line
> tool (i.e., submit a proper PR to qubes-doc) can instead use the GUI
> (i.e., submit content, ideas, and suggestions in any format, which the
> community then turns into proper PRs).
> It would feel bad if causing you trouble rather than helping, I hope we will 
> be able to provide help :) I can only speak for my self, but I believe others 
> feel the same, feel free to correct us if we're doing something wrong with 
> this community project. <-- when I say "us", it is based on my belief, but as 
> said I can't speak for everyone. I mean, it would be horrible if we impacted 
> Qubes in a way that you guys didn't like, after all the amazing work you guys 
> did with Qubes over all these years, you guys essentially poured your souls 
> into this. Consider to bring out that whip if something is off!
> If I interpreted this correctly, my understanding is that it's preferred that 
> a community like this to have an inviting GUI platform, so that it can easier 
> gain traction and build up users, and include more people? i.e. github is not 
> desired for the central community environment?

The GUI / command line distinction was an analogy. Here's another: we're
given a powerful car but its user manual is targeting experienced
drivers. The community here could help with:
* lowering the difficulty for casual drivers to send improvements to the
official user guide
* centralizing "tuning" tips unsupported by the car's manufacturer
because the car could become dangerous to drive if you don't know what
you are doing.

Let's go ahead with awokd's suggestion of a wiki + repo.

Andrew: what's your position about mentioning this community effort
somewhere in the official qubes site ? (maybe as a news post with the
proper disclaimer + modifying the "contribute to the docs" page) ?
Without visibility only a few people would know about this community
effort and the project will quickly stall.

> Maybe we could beta-run a volunteer run GUI based platform first before you 
> decide if it should be made official on i.e. recognized on the Qubes website 
> with a link? testing the waters a bit by dipping the toe in, before taking a 
> full dive. With only some platform volunteers aware of it at first to test 
> it? If it works, then we can always scale it up, or if it should fail, then 
> change direction or start-over with a new discussion. Something like that, a 
> beta run could be insightful before any final decisions are made.
> I hesitate to use the forum word here, perhaps a new fresh discussion is 
> warranted as for which platform to use? But if GUI is an important factor to 
> include, then a forum might be the most suitable? There will always be some 
> who don't like every platform though. But did I understand it correctly that 
> the Qubes staff actually likes the idea of a forum, but just doesn't have the 
> man-power to run it? i.e. if you had the volunteers, then this is a desired 
> platform/direction seen by the Qubes staff to go? Maybe preserving the 
> mailing-lists, but integrating a forum where a forum makes sense, and then 
> keep the mailing-lists as they are now and have them coexist?

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