On Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 8:21:02 AM UTC+1, hopkins...@gmail.com wrote:
> >32 GB RAM.  launch times (~15-19 sec)
> This was the reason why i left Qubes OS. I cant coupe with hours starting 
> vm-s. 3.2 version were faster.

well not really slow, you might just have had a bad setup and slow hardware. I 
don't think it's fair to blame Qubes for that though, you make it sound like 
it's their fault that you're on slow hardware with a bad version/settings 
layout. But maybe that's not your intention though. 

I also hope you realize that "lots, and lots of RAM" doesn't just automatically 
equal fast start-ups, your specific cherry picking of quote in relation to your 
words, seem to imply just that.

Also why were you on Qubes if you didn't care about security? Leaving Qubes for 
something minor like this, seems to point that you don't care about security. 
So what made you come to Qubes in the first place?

Not to be a butthead or anything, I just think your rash comment is uncalled 

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