I've been using R4-rc2 for some months and I've just installed the R4-rc5 
version, but it's giving me hard times.

During the installation it complains about Vt-d and Interrupt Remapping 
feautures missing and sys-usb didn't work at the beginning, but after I 
switched to PV mode it works fine, I can connect to my WiFi and sys-net can 
reach the internet.

The point is any other qube, sys-firewall included, can't reach the internet.
- I've tried to analyze the traffic with wireshark and it seems that the DNS 
requests reach sys-net, but no answer is received, while in sys-net everything 
seems fine (`dig` works).
- I've tried to ping sys-firewall and send some packets from sys-net with the 
Python socket and the packets reach sys-firewall but the `recv()` function 
stucks in a death loop as nothing is received, so I think somewhere the packets 
are dropped.
- I've tried to clear all iptables chains, but nothing changed.

Everything worked in rc1, rc2 and I think also rc3 (I can't remember the last 
update - current-testing repo), so I really can't figure out what I'm missing.
Some major changes concerning networking were introduced in rc5?

Anyone is experiencing the same problem?
Any suggestions?

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