I did not mean to go so far south with the above statements. So heres my
additions for alternatives...

CopperheadOS is doing a project still early in the making on reawakening
the open source kernel hardening. The GitHub page can be found here:

...which are limited. 

If anyone has any information on the ColdHak.ca kernel hardening project, 
please let me know. I have sent messages to two of the ColdHak members and 
am awaiting response. My question is about what features to expect in their
project. As their website has no information on what it actually does. As 
well, the last and only update was from a little over a year ago, it does not
appear as if they are still working on this. 

One of the members of the ColdHak Team has reached out to me. What was not 
understood was that the ColdHak Project was an automated tool for building 
GrSec. The project was killed when GrSec closed the doors to open source 
developing, as mentioned above. 
above. There does not appear to be any active design for those who wish to 
change the 

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