Am 11.03.2018 10:27 nachm. schrieb "konngammre" <jgau...@s207.org>:

So recently I found out about qubes-whonix and really want to try it out
for myself but, I have a new pc and was wondering if it will work. Also

if I have qubes on one drive and windows one another and the qubes drive is
encrypted does the windows drive compromise security of qubes?

I highly suggest to read or at least take a quick look over the excellent
Qubes documentation at https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/


... and ...


Questions from me:

1) what is your level of Linux expertise?

2) which applications are you running inside windows?

You could run Windows as HVM within Qubes to minimize the need to boot up
This is also a good migration way to find out which apps you need in Qubes
to replace existing windows apps.


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