As the title suggests, the very moment sending mail responses, it changes and 
turns into a deleted message. This has now happened twice in a row. So this is 
a heads-up for google's new level of censorship craziness. Though I have to 
wonder why it only hits some people, maybe it's because of certain Tor nodes 
out there..

Case of point, double deletes!topic/qubes-users/b84gHvES2Bc

I have to wonder if creating a new mail topic will be deleted too, if so, then 
at least some of you will read it. 

Given the above double accident twice in a row, and also the increased number 
of deleted messages here and there lately, it seems like google's auto-delete 
bot system is going overboard on its censorship. No harmful content was 
included, just a normal message like any other.

- Yu

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