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> Is backing up to a removable USB device then  the suggested best practice

Backing up to some type of removable storage is a good idea in case your
computer gets lost or heavily damaged.

I would go as far, that a "backup" which is stored locally is not (!) a
backup as it will not help you in case of theft or harddrive damage.
A backup to local disk, is just a copy of data.

I have very often seen people loosing data because of a bad backup
implementation, some suggestions:

1) store a copy of the backup to (at least) one external storage

2) keep more than 1 version of your backup. A replication of your
production is not a real backup as accidentally deletes will be transferred
to the backup upon next synchronisation.

3) encrypt your backups

4) if possible, use more than 1 backup medium and store a copy Offsite or
at your friends/parents house

Make a recovery test of your backup, this includes restoring a few files
and more important a complete restore. Can it be restored to different
hardware? What are the exact steps etc.
A backup without a recovery test is not a backup.
I have never understand why so many people care about backups and not about
restores ;-)

6) adapt your backup frequency to your data needs. Important data
might/should be backup more often than other data (personal
documents/pictures vs. your movie/mp3 collection)

7) always assume that any external storage will certainly (!) break one
day. It's not a question of if, but when.
It will hit you one day. As pricing for storages goes down / capacity
increases it doesn't make sense to keep your harddrive for ages.

8) think about the threat scenarios you're trying  to be protected against.
Then look at the backup implementation if it will protect you against all
of this.
Example: thread = theft or fire -> a harddrive under your bed or the NAS in
the basement, might not be the best (or only) solution.

9) review your backup schedule at least once a year, maybe when you're
running a recovery test (see 5) above. .. Just to keep reminding you :-)

My suggestions so far.


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