On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 11:07:49 PM UTC+1, Xaver wrote:
> After updating system from 4.0-rc4 to rc5 qvm-backup --exclude no longer 
> excludes the specified VM from the backup. When the command is run the 
> specified VMs are in fact included in the backup. This was not an issue with 
> 4.0-rc4 and a system backup was created prior to updating to rc5 without any 
> issues. I am able to set qvm-prefs <vm_name> include_in_backups false to 
> prevent individual VMs from being included in backups.  Does anyone have an 
> idea as to what the problem could be?
> Thanks in advance
> Xaver
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By the looks of it, they made a default profile that does not include dom0 or 
the templates. I have a similar problem, by the looks of it, it is identical to 
yours. Which means it's probably an issue that either covers all RC-4 --> RC-5 
updates, or all RC-5 in general.

For I can only suggest two choices, either include VM's instead of exclude 
(since include works correctly and disables the new default profile), or use 
backup profiles, by typing all your inclusions, and then save the profile for 
future use. Just remember to update your profile when making new VM's in the 
future, it'd fatal if it wasn't included in the profile. 

If you haven't done include before, it's the same as with -x or --exclude, 
except you just write the VM's name with spaces between, no attributes needed.

To make a profile, you can use the --profile (please consult the manual "man 
qvm-backup", as there are some dom0/domU situations to be aware of when using 
the two different profile flags).

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