Jan Hustak      

Feb 6


See attached. Regarding BIOS settings mentioned in "remark": the 
combination of both VT-d and Discrete Graphics being ON causes the 
installer to freeze. If configured post-install, it causes the OS to 
freeze while booting. 

Turning VT-d OFF allows for installation (with warning) but breaks 
networking and who knows what else. As the remark states, the proper 
configuration is VT-d ON and Discrete Graphics OFF. 



Hello, per 

I am attempting to install Q4.0 rc5 from a USB drive on a Thinkpad T520
4240-4AU  UEFI BIOS Version 8AET62WW (1.42) 

I note from the HCL Mr.Jan , says to disable "discrete graphics"  (I did
enable VT-d) , If I go to  Config -> Display , there is no reference to
"discrete graphics" it offers 1 option on Boot Display Device  "thinkpad
LCD", Analog VGA , etc 

Further, I have chosen  "UEFI only"  in the Startup-> UEFI/Legacy Boot  
choice  AND
I see no "secure boot" anywhere to disable. 

NOW when I boot off the USB Drive I see the line of penguins and then 
probably all the  loading information  BUT, it is all in warped and
unreadable .....  So , I tried Legacy Mode, and it just stops @ a "
failed to load ldlinux.c32"   etc 

I , also , am aware of :

but, again there is no "secure boot" option to disable ;  this  USB
stick  *Was  created  with dd if of  ; but the URL doesn't specifically 
reference the T520 .......... and the solution looks quite involved 
...... is this my only choice at this stage ?

or is there some "discrete graphics"  to disable that I can't find  ?? 

the HCL Bios version  Mr. Jan  references for 4.0  is  8AET51WW (1.31 ) 
, if anything mine seems to be slightly newer and  should it  have
"discrete graphics" to disable ?

with the graphics messed up,  don't think I can't get to the Intel
HD3000 reference, that seems to be something to be done after
installation in any event?

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