On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 9:21:38 PM UTC-4, sevas wrote:
> Yes, thank you. I have read that entire page, as well as a few other good 
> resources:
> github.com/rtiangha/qubes-linux-kernel/blob/devel-4.14-hard/README.md
> github.com/0spinboson/qubes-doc/blob/patch-1/managing-os/compiling-your-own-kernel.md
> Im running into a problem right at the end.
> rpm --add-sign /home/user/*.rpm 
> You must set "%_gpg_name" in your macro file
> I have made the missing file: ~/.rpmmarco
> %_signature gpg
> %_gpg_path /home/user/.gnupg
> %_gpg_name (b4892c28 / mypgp)
> I still get the error. Can I ignore this? 
> Qubes-Builder docs suggests editing the builder.conf and changing NO_SIGN=1
> but that doesnt exactly apply to kernels, does it?
> I dont need to sign my packages, do I? Im not sure if the compiler is failing 
> at
> the rpm signing or if its ignoring and finished.

I would ask in that other thread and maybe Reg will respond.  I have no 
experience compiling kernels for Qubes.

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