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  lenovo t400

qubes 4

If I want to install gubes 4 on the notebook, then a window says

lacking features

hwm/vt-x/amd-v, iommu/vt-d/amd-vi,


rvi, interrupt remapping.

Only developers and power users proceed with the installation.

Can qubes 4 get installed on the notebook? It is only for testing and
about getting familiar with the system.

Thank you.

found this:

You're right, it's lacking the features needed for 4.0 to work properly.
OP could try to install and see what happens, but it's not likely it will
work like it should.

From what I've observed over the years, Qubes works well on Sandy Bridge (c. 2011) or later systems.

Another way to increase the chances of successful installation (besides a CPU with the right features) is to choose a business model (like Thinkpad, Latitude) from the big 3 brands: Lenovo, Dell, HP. I would also consider System76 models since they design for open source compatibility.

Of course, Purism stuff is compatible but they came along much later and also cost more.


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