On 04/04/2018 11:46 AM, kai.fr...@gmail.com wrote:
> greetings!
> while taking first steps with new qubes 4.0, i find that some of the great 
> documentation articles in qubes-os.org
> are no more 100% accurate for qubes 4.0 (see my previous post on usage of 
> kernel 4.16 for an example). this is quite expectable, given that both the 
> api as well as the technical implementation details of qubes changed a bit 
> between 3.2 and 4.0. however, this coukd make it difficult for the average 
> (or below average) user like me to decide wether the information found us 
> accurate for 4.0 and therfor can safely applied to 4.0.
> so my suggestion is to add a creation/last updated date to the pages and/or 
> to add an information, to which versions of qubes the article applies, e.g. 
> created for version 3.2, updated/reviewed for usage with 4.0.

the problem is that things like a trivial typo fix would automatically
update the 'last updated' tag and make people think that the doc is up
to date for the last qubes release.

alternatively, the 'last updated' tag could be updated manually when
there are significant changes, but it's error-prone.

the consensus seems to be to fix the current documentation with "R3.2",
"R4.0" tags where appropriate. One of the problems is that the core devs
had too much on their plate with the recent 4.0 release so the
documentation is a bit lagging.

here are some related issues:


btw if you don't have time to contribute/fix the documentation, listing
the problems you saw in the docs would be helpful (either post them here
or send me an email).


> any other/better solution would be also welcome, of course...
> thank you and all the best
> Kai
> http://kai.froeb.net

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