On Fri, April 6, 2018 11:04 pm, hdctb...@gmail.com wrote:
> THANK YOU! That fixed the problem.
> I'm sorry for my slow reply, I had skipped the debian-9 template during
> the install so I had to reinstall a couple of times (due to mistakes on
> my part) to get it.
> Once I switched sys-net to debian-9 I was able to connect and ping
> successfully. I don't know how you knew to do that (are there different
> drivers in the debian-9 template?) but it worked.

It was an educated guess, at best. :)

> Also to answer your question, yes I was running lspci and the other
> commands in sys-net.
> Thank you again, this is hugely appreciated. Now I can get on with
> learning Qubes.


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