Just as a data point, I installed RC4 on my Dell laptop as part of a triple 
boot setup (Win 10, Netrunner linux, Qubes 4.0), and it installed fine with one 
exception (which I'll get to below).  I have the BIOS set to UEFI with secure 
boot disabled.  

I had to install three times, but the third time was a charm.  The first two 
times, I got an error saying that it couldn't install sys-firewall.  I don't 
remember what the first error was, but the second one was that it said it was 
already running (go figure).   The third time, it installed without a hitch.  
All three times, I used the default configuration setup.  The primary 
difference was that the third time, I unplugged my usb mouse and let it install 
with nothing attached.

I don't know if there'a any reason that having a usb mouse plugged into my 
laptop would cause a problem, but there you go.

I haven't started trying any fancy configuration of my setup yet (I'm going to 
try to move to KDE and do some personalization), but networking works fine, 
windowing and desktop works fine, and all is right with the world in that 

It takes about 45 seconds for a vm to come up and show a console or browser 
window, and just a second or so for a new window to come up once the domain is 
up and running.


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