Hey there,

The upgrade to Qubes 4.0 was mostly painless, with a few things needed
to be set up and worked-around here and there. I did do a backup from
R3.2 and restore to R4.0.

The only issue I'm still facing is that none of my .desktop files
(application menus under the XFCE menu) seem to work. When I click on,
say, Personal - Terminal the Personal VM is started, but no terminal
shows up. Doing the same thing results in nothing happening.

Running `qvm-sync-appmenus personal` results in no change. The .desktop
files are in dom0 and personal, but for some reason the application
still isn't launching. I have to manually launch everything from Qubes
Manager -> Run command in VM -> gnome-terminal.

Is there a way I can debug this further?

Andrew Morgan

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