On 04/08/2018 11:59 PM, Drew White wrote:
> On Monday, 9 April 2018 13:52:34 UTC+10, Andrew Morgan  wrote:
>> Hey there,
>> The upgrade to Qubes 4.0 was mostly painless, with a few things needed
>> to be set up and worked-around here and there. I did do a backup from
>> R3.2 and restore to R4.0.
>> The only issue I'm still facing is that none of my .desktop files
>> (application menus under the XFCE menu) seem to work. When I click on,
>> say, Personal - Terminal the Personal VM is started, but no terminal
>> shows up. Doing the same thing results in nothing happening.
>> Running `qvm-sync-appmenus personal` results in no change. The .desktop
>> files are in dom0 and personal, but for some reason the application
>> still isn't launching. I have to manually launch everything from Qubes
>> Manager -> Run command in VM -> gnome-terminal.
>> Is there a way I can debug this further?
>> Thanks,
>> Andrew Morgan
> Check the syntax for the launching.
> Manually enter the command into a terminal and see what happens. 
> Then run the command inside the guest and see if it works.
> if none of that works, then it's the actual run command from Dom0 you will 
> need to investigate.

It ended up being due to the disposal VMs for each AppVM not being set
properly. Figured it out by running a qvm-run command manually, such as:

qvm-run -q -a --service --dispvm=personal --


Refusing to create DispVM out of this AppVM, because

Once I corrected the DispVM option, rerunning the command produces no
error, but still nothing happens.

Maybe the services aren't working within the VM?

Andrew Morgan

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