So, I recently installed R4 on my laptop and things seem to be going smoothly.  
I'm ready to get my VPN working.

I use mullvad, and I'm having trouble connecting the instructions in the 
documentation with how mullvad works -- as least as far as using the GUI.  
Before I screw something up, I was hoping that someone else is using Mullvad 
and can point out a flaw in my plan to:

1) Turn on the debian template
2) Install mullvad
3) Run mullvad

I'm going to assume (naively, I suppose), that that's all there is to it. I've 
never tried to do anything with mullvad from the command line.  If I have to, 
can anybody point me to some documentation on what I should do?

 If it works, then...

1) If I open up a vm based on the fedora template, I assume that the VPN will 
still be in force for it as well.
2) I assume I have to keep the debian template running, else mullvad will quit, 
3) Can I open and run mullvad in a debian vm that is not the template?  Should 
I do that instead of turning on the template vm?



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