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I am trying to setup a VPN connection with NordVPN (and OpenVPN) in Qubes 4 following this --> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/vpn/
Since I am using Qubes 4 I was led here-->  
I have already followed the instructions on NordVPN website --> 
my problem: I created a VM and added the vpn-handler-openvpn, but from that VM terminal I cannot clone the git repository from GitHub (I cannot clone any git repository) because permission is denied.

Network access may be blocked if you followed the /doc/vpn instructions, because then only openvpn would be allowed. If you're going to use Qubes-vpn-support, then disregard the /doc/vpn instructions ...and create a fresh VM.

A fresh VM should be able to download files directly.

So I downloaded it in [user@nameofVM] using the command sudo wget. I type ls 
and I can see Qubes-vpn-support.git is there but when I type cd 
Quebs-vpn-support  (the line in the GitHub instruction page) the terminal 
bash: cd: Qubes-vpn-support: No such file or directory
why is this happening? what shall I do?

On a github project page, the download area supplies two types of links:

One is for a .zip file that can be downloaded with wget or curl or a browser.

The other ends in .git and is for use with the command "git clone <link address>".

Either of these will work.


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