> Dear Qubes Team
> I have a question regarding Qubes and to be specific the way it connects
> to wifi networks.

I'm not part of the Qubes team, i'm just a user.
I don't know if Qubes uses passive discovery, active or both.
But I know how you can find it: you can use another pc with kali live
(or any linux distro+aircrack).
I remember i used airodump and it showed that my mobile phone (android
7.1) was sending a hotel ssid (network i was connected few month before,
and that wasn't available in that moment, because i wasn't anymore at
the hotel).
There are more problems with this wifi thing:
-you leak connection history
-i don't remember if it send only ssid or also it's mac, if yes you are
leaking also position of that connections (so you are leaking where you was)
-supermarkets and some places are tracking all this to see where you go
in the market, they follow your phone.

i have Qubes 3.2, if you want i can check using the above method if my
pc send active requests or not.
but i think that is more a mobile phone thing, and less a pc one; i
don't have any proof or argument to say this, just my impression.

> May I express what you probably read in every letter (or should read). For
> the effort, the talent,the Qubes, and for what it can do, you're simply
> the best.
> Thank you very much
> James Patel

yes, really, i love the way the team is making and changing computer
security, most of the infosec people try to avoid difficult questions,
while Rutkovska and the tema try to find an answer to them.
for example:
I think that today most "security" is offensive security/no sense thing
like "i'm showing how 1337 i am" while this doesn't improve in any way
the security.
a super simple example:
-office macro exists
-usually they open cmd/powershell to download additional malware
-why don't we have a simple program that prevent office from opening any
child process? word have no reason to launch powershell or any other
exe, this would stop many attacks.

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