Hey there, 

i'm fairly new to Qubes and want to build a subnet of 3 standaloneVMs which are 
able to communicate through VLAN with each other. 

after tried some self created AppVMs, I thought it would be similar using full 
virtualized standalone Guest-OSs. 

What I've tried so far: 
- Installation of various Guest-OSs: Kali, Debian9 (stock), Ubuntu 16.04_4

However, all of them where unable to establish a proper connection to 
sys-firewall and by that to the internet. 

There is no chance some how to configure the networking automatically over dhcp 
since sys-firewall does not offer this i guess. 

So what i've tried manually:
- Enter the StandaloneVM IP (as listed in the Qube Manager)
- Enter Gateway IP (of sys-firewall as listed in the Qube Manager)
- Enter the Netmask (as listed in the properties of each VM)

The moment i entered the netmask (32) / ( the Gateway IP turns 
yellow (i guess that means: "Can't reach Gateway" or something like that)

When i set the netmask to (24) / ( the yellow disappear but i 
cant connect to the internet, because sys-net provided this netmask (32) to 
sys-firewall and sys-firewall to all connected ones. 

My Question? Why its no problem for the AppVMs to connect with sys-firewall but 
the standalone ones can't ?

Hope someone can help me with it. Also tried to manually change the netmask in 
sys-net but it changes back after reboot.


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