Hello community,

first i want say, that iam a new member of this google-group and i want greet 
all. :)

Iam a newbie of Qubes(Linux) and i use Windows 10 at time. 

Today I downloaded the current ISO image from the main page. Since I'm not so 
good with Linux in general, I turn to you.

I downloaded the Qubes master signing key and try to verify it. 

Since I use Windows 10, I have also downloaded the program GPGEX. I open the 
program Cleopatra and click on the field "import". The tool gives me the hint 
that the certificate must first be authenticated and I have to create my own 
PGP certificate to verify others. After the mentioned configuration I get a 
key. Is this the Qubes key? 
How can I tell that this is the right key?

For example, when I click the Decrypt / Verify tab in Kleopatra, I get the 
error message that the key contains certificates and can not be decrypted.

When I enter the commands from the Qubes page into the Windows command prompt, 
I get the error message no such file...

What am I doing wrong?

I hope my question is not ridiculous and someone can help me.

Previously, I never dealt with PGP and the like.
I would be very happy about many answers.

Thanks in advance

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