I've done some experimenting to get my Debian VMs to boot faster. So far I've reduced the start time significantly by disabling these services in the template:


Disabling the last two may have consequences, e.g. if you use VMs to access LVM storage. But that lvm2-monitor does consume a whopping 4+ seconds according to systemd-analyze. YMMV.

And note that my criteria for picking these is just a cursory glance at unit start times.

Ultimately, a good solution may be getting some of these units to start 10-20 seconds later. I think that makes sense in the case of lvm2-monitor. Some other time-consuming services like qubes-update-check already start later and don't seem to impact VM start times and responsiveness.

FWIW, Ubuntu has announced that boot times have worsened a lot and they'll make an effort to reduce them (again). Not sure to what extent that reflects on Debian.


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