Would you mind walking me through this more step-by-step? I've tried many 
variations of this and I keep failing. I'm using Qubes 4.0. To create the 
centos qube I do:

Qube Manager->
Create new qube->
Name and label: centos red
Type: Standalone qube not based on a template

In a qube named TEST-VMDK, I have the CentOS root image here:

Which I've created using your advice:
qemu-img convert {path/to/vmdk}CentOS\ 7.x\ 64-bit.vmdk root.img

Is this the correct way to create the StandaloneVM I need? Should it be/not be 
based on a template? Should it be the default (PVH) mode, or HVM? Should the 
kernel be the default (4.14.18-1) (current)? I don't know how to do this from 
the terminal using Qubes 4.0.

>From dom0 I've:
qvm-run --pass-io TEST-VMDK 'cat /var/lib/qubes/appvm' > /home/user/root.img

I think this is wrong? Why does my PVH/HVM show up in /var/lib/qubes/appvms? 
Why do none of the qubes in that directory contain root.img? Where should my 
root.img reside? Is there a command to create the correct VM type and load a 
root image from a specified qube such as TEST-VMDK?

When I do:

There's no line about a root.img so I must be doing something very wrong?

As you can see... a lot of step-by-step hand-holding would be amazing. I really 
need to understand how to do this. I have a lot of VMs I need to load this 

Thank you so much for your help.

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