Hey guys,

thanks alot for your help and feedbacks.Its cool t know that someone can help 
me :)

@ Chris Laprise 

I download the qubes master signing key
               qubes release 4 signing key
and            the signature (Qubes-R4.0-x86_64.iso)

I following your tutorial and opened the windows command promp. 
I type the commands gpg2 --import qubes-master-signing-key.asc. After this i 
become the error message "No such file or directory". I memory all files into 
the download folder. Its important for me to work with the Dos, because i want 
learn it on the hard way :D 

On the Qubes main site i try too, to write the commands on the main site into 
the windows command promp.But both not work well.Mh, what iam doing wrong?

@ Neelix

Before i use the checksum tool for Windows, but i forget the name of the tool. 
Thanks to post it. Thumbs up.I will try it again. 

About your messages i would be happy again.


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