I am fairly new to QUBES, as I have only just installed QUBES 4.0 and have 
been learning the OS. I initally installed QUBES 3.x (last RC), and immediately 
installed QUBES 4.0. I have had several problems.

My motherboard is a supermicro X8DAL-3, (2) XEON L5638 with 48 Gb of RAM.  
250GB SSD hard drive.

  I have attempted to run the command:  qvm-volume extend personal:root 
30000000000 in the template VM Fedora-26.

  The error I receive is "Command not found"

I've had similar errors when trying to install packages to the template VMs.

Request some guidance in achieving success in re sizing disk space in the 
personal VM - 

Thank you in advance for any help / guidance. 


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